Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Crowd Goes Nuts

At wednesday I had an awesome gig at a basement. It was organized by some students who just thought it was fun to throw a party. Their basement is located in a nice neighborhood. My first impression was really good. When I dropped my gear and saw the location I thought this could be such a nice place to rock the house. It's small. It's cozy. And the wall were full of posters which made you into a great party mood. You can see the picture below. 

This picture was before the party it started. Unfortunately I forgot to make another picture in which you could see the crowd goes nuts. There wasn't a lot of crowd when I started, so I thought it was nice to start with some slower tunes. I used this track by a good friend of mine. It's damn funky and gets you happy. I mean I can't decide for you all, but it gets me happy though.

Later a friend and fellow dj came into the house. He was also been asked to play some tunes. We know each other for a long time now, but we never performed together. He took it over around the middle of the nightand played some really quality deep house tunes. It was fun, because when we switched again and I decided to play some more harder house tunes. He assisted me with some vocals samples, like 'put your hands up in the air' and many others. It was cool he did that. I thought it was a nice bonus to the set. He used some vocals on this lovely DJ Sneak remix.


We continued and later the crowd where screaming and yelling and it was awesome to see that. Most of the time I play at the beginning of the night, when the crowd is more quiet and not ready to give all yet. But since I had to play at the peak time as well, I could feel the crowd was enjoying it and became more loose every minute. Especially when I dropped a track from Dusky. The track 'calling me' was an utterly bomb to the crowd. 

Later we played some harder techno stuff, which I haven't been playing for a long time. It was almost a pity when we had to quit, because it was time to end the party. I wanted to thank the crowd and also the guys who organized it. They gave me a bottle of jenever and from the audience I received a big applause. It was lovely!