Thursday, 24 January 2013

Alex Flatner & Msms Ft. Cari Golden - Love Is A Condition (Paolo Rocco Strictly 90's Dub)

Woow, amazing long track name. That is for sure! However the track is not that long, just an average 6 minutes. Paolo Rocco is mostly known for his track 'Move Body, Move Forward'. If you haven't heard of that one before, please check it out, cus u will go nuts! Anyway this remix is a beauty and really wanna make me dance.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Dwayne Jensen - My People

Because this is just an awesome track! Nearly 6 years old already.

Friday, 11 January 2013

FAYE - Water Against The Rocks (HNNY'S Hunny Mix)

If you know HNNY, you prolly know him from his track 'For The Very First Time'. Deep house as I like. Just a few days back I discovered this remix for FAYE on his soundcloud. Despite it is already 7 months old, I thought it is still worth the share!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Frits Wentink - Mary's Pony EP

Today I've got acces to 4 nice horse tracks. These tracks are produced by Frints Wentink and are released on the Triphouse label. In this post I will review them and tell you which horse is the best to place your bets on! You can hear the snips from the tracks below. Play them while you are reading this: 

The first track is called Marygohorse One. Don't expect a four by four beat. But that doesn't say it isn't good. Far from that it is actually great. The funky melody + the beat makes it a killer combination! 

Mary seems to like her horses. It wouldn't suprise you that the second track is named Marygohorse Two. This horse is good for a starter set. A DJ could easily play this in his warm-up set before the headliner kicks in. It has a rather happy atmosphere which would make many party people smile. 

Just leave the horses behind you. It is pony time! Pony Time One is a really moody track. This one gots a really haunting melody. The track would fit in a more deeper melodic set. 

Last but not least Pony Time Two. This is a more experienced Pony. Sounds weird, but if you relate this track to a pony, I think it will be a proud one! A good pony to end the EP with.

Actually I fell in love when I saw Mary for the first time on her horse. Marygohorse One is an amazing  track which develops while you are playing it. You can hear different melodies while the track is passing by. 

It is hard to describe each track by its beauty, but every track on this EP is awesome. Frits Wentink has an unique style and doesn't sound like a copycat from any other producer. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Shadow Child - So High (Hot Since 82 Remix)

This track is an absolutely club banger if you ask me. I used it in my latest mixtape. Really digging this one!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wesley Rouw - On The Highway To Westelijk Handelsterrein

2013 has just started. So why not start this year with a mixtape by me. This mix contains tracks from O&A, HNNY, Oliver $ and many many more! Have fun and a great 2013!