Monday, 12 August 2013

On The Highway To Vela Luka

Don't blame I didn't go by car to Vela Luka this time. My parents did, but I was lazy this time so I took the plane, oh yeah! Anyway I had an amazing week in a sunny Croatia. Despite the shitty weather in the Netherlands, I was happy to see the sun shining bright here in Vela Luka. It inspired me to make a sunny mix.

Expect it funky as you know from me. I started this time with a more disco influenced track. This track have been on repeat since I have discovered it. I talked about it on my previous post. The track is called Empress - Dyin'to be dancin' (Breixo edit). Somehow it really fits with the second track you hear. I mixed it together with Tommy's track Brenda Died With No Name. The vocals really suits the elements from the previous track as you can hear around 4 minutes.

Later you can expect some 90 house. I couldn't resist to add the new Detroit Swindle track, since it is so damn catchy. You should check it out it is called The Break Up. It has been released on their very own label Heist Recordings. The mix continues and I decided to end as funky as I started. This track is on repeat as well. You should check it out on Local Talk's sub label called One Offs. The track is from Keumel and is named California My Way which is sampled from Main Ingredient - California My Way. Anyway Love to hear your reactions on my latest mix. Enjoy the vibe!