Sunday, 4 August 2013

Holidays are good for you

A different approach on life is what you mostly will see during holidays. I won't say I've seen the light or something but I do have this feeling that I should change some of my habits. Music has always been a big influence to me, but that's not the only one I can tell you so far. 

Laying down the beach makes you really comfortable. I was lucky I wasn't at the most touristic place of Croatia so I have seen a lot of local customs. While I was listening to music and see al these local customs happen. Lots of new ideas came through my mind. 

This was the mixtape which has been on repeat last few days, while I was on the beach and airplane:

Greg Wilson is one big inspiration for me. He combined old disco tracks with new ones and plays amazing sets. His blog is really awesome. I think I had to mention this before you continue reading.

In the beginning I already told you that music is not the only thing which inspires me. But the way of living and food are also really important to me. We dutch people are known for being rushed. We want to do a lot in a little time. That is not how these things works in Croatia. For example eating dinner. We mostly eat our dinner at a ridiculous time (5 or 6 pm) and in front of the telly. While people in Croatia come together and serve themselves a proper meal which is healthy and really fresh. I've been eating fish we just caught a few hours back. You will never ever see this in The Netherlands.

Seeing these things wants to make me travel around the globe and let me enjoy life the fullest. There's so much out there I want to see and experience. I really wanna make a part of a club scene in which people feel commitment. Nowadays we just go to parties, stand in front of the dj and act like if he's a god or something. The art of dj'ing shouldn't be that. It's nothing wrong that someone is with his back towards the dj, while he is talking and smiling with friends and u can see he is enjoying the night. I miss these kind of things on more commercial parties. I dont feel the amazing atmosphere, which are on parties where people feel committed to each other. The art of a good dj is playing out good music. Music that makes people come together. With that sentence it I want to finish this post. Here's one last song that make people come together: