Thursday, 15 August 2013

Rain, Rain and Rain

I think I live in the wrong country. We had a few good days but now the rain strikes back again. I never had the feeling rain could be a huge inspiration to me. So far it isn't, but I really felt the urge to blog again. I try to do my best to make this post a good one. 

Although it has been raining this morning. I think there are several tracks which could cheer you up. The first one is called jealousy. I think I am jealous sometimes. Especially when I hear people are enjoying their holidays on sunny locations. It makes me thinking and I realize then, I should have been in Croatia somewhat longer than just 8 days. Anyway what happens can't be changed. The track you can hear below is the Severino remix. I think this is the best one out of the whole package. Normally I am not that fan of Jamie Jones' Hot Creation Label, but I really love this track. The vocals are catchy!

Let's hope the rain will be over soon, but it wont happen that quickly here. So I started this day slowly. Nothing to rush. Take it all easy! You might have this days before. I haven't got any plans to do so far, until night time. This morning I woke up early but laid in bed and read a book at breakfast. Nothing interesting so far. I reminded me to this track. Which sounds really slow but haunting at the same time. It's been released on Greco Roman. This label released some nice gems, like 'boiling' and 'what's in your head' by Disclosure. You should check this one out if you like some slower stuff: Tirzah - Slow Jam.

These tracks are enough to help you through the day. I guess I wont be blogging soon, since I got loads of appointments and parties coming up. But if I got some time to share some great tracks, I wont hesitate myself to do so.