Tuesday, 1 October 2013

On The Highway To ADE

The Netherlands are known for its nice partyscene. There are several events that attracts many foreigners to come visit Holland. Especially during Amsterdam Dance Event in October, also known as ADE. This year the event takes place around 16-20 October. During those days there are tons of dance events which a lot of different genres. Whether you like house or hardcore, you can find it all. Amsterdam turns into one big party city. 

This year I decided to visit at least two events. I am going to Dekmantel and Zeezout. Both organizations are well known in the Netherlands. I think Dekmantel is the biggest one of these two. They also got their own label and got a lot of recognition from dj's, promoters, event organizations and many other people. 

Zeezout is a smaller company, but gets bigger and bigger each day. They host several events and are getting more popular. The name is really catchy for dutch people. It's a name you wont forget very easily. 

Anyway you might have noticed I am a big fan of ADE. I always dedicate my mixtape to an event or place, where I am going or have been. It might not surprise you that I dedicate it to ADE this time. You can expect a lot of new music, but also tracks which are a little bit older but still still are really hot. I will name you some artists, who are featured in this mix: Detroit Swindle, HNNY, Jimpster, KiNK and many more. Feel free to share, to like or to comment!