Tuesday, 22 October 2013

No Limit, Just Rave!

Starting my personal ADE journey at thursday, I would say this was great. The first party was hosted by Zeezout who got big dj's on their event. In the main area they got Huxley followed by Dusky and later on George Fitzgerald

Huxley set was already phenomenal, but the dj's who came up later certainly did a better job. Dusky played a lot of their own records. I hoped they would do that, since I love many of their productions. One of their latest tracks named Careless is an outstanding gem! Just recently hit the number one spot on Beatport. 

The night continued and when George Fitzgerald entered the stage, I think the crowd went even more nuts. This guy played some harder house music, which was almost techno. The night was coming to an end and George really knew how to spice the place up. We kept on dancing and there was no ending. In the video below you can see the place is really dark. There weren't much visuals, I think it doesn't matter for me. Those visuals could be really awesome, but sometimes a dark atmosphere is also nice for a change. The audio is a little bit distorted but it's okay to give you an impression. 

All nights will end and so did this one. Happily I knew this was just the first party and there was another one on the planning at saturday. But first at friday I went to some lectures about dj and producing products. The Ableton was the most interesting out of them. The dutch producer named Palmbomen showed how he works on Ableton and showed some of his tracks. Many other dj's were in the crowd to listen what he was saying. So it's fun to see not only amateurs were going, but also professionals are still trying to learn. Palmbomen played this track during the lecture. 

Saturdaynight was the last party I visited. This time I went to Dekmantel at MC Theater. For me it felt like one big maze. I mean there were 3 rooms all were separated from each other, but in the end I could get the hang on it. Most of the time you could find me in the north sea jazz club area in which were Nina Kraviz and Moodymann getting the crowd excited. Nina played a lot of acid on her vinyl decks which was awesome. I had to adapt to the fact that Moodymann was playing something entirely different. It took me a few minutes, but I can sure say this guy is fantastic. He played a really neat set and dared to use many different styles. 

At the end we went to a room in which Juju & Jordash were performing a live set. These guys got talent. They build and build with melodic techno stuff. It was amazing. It felt like some kind of dream. The music was really spacy. Anyway the decisions has already been made. Next year I am going to ADE again!